Baggage Requirements

Passengers may check up to four pieces of baggage. A passenger checking more than the typical number of bags will need to provide advance notice by contacting Aviation Logistics Operations at 263-3500, Option 5.

All baggage and hand carry items to be transported and/or transported on aircraft are subject to x-ray and/or search.

ALERT: The carriage of e-cigarettes in not permitted in checked bags. Also, see the FAQ section for prohibition against carrying certain types of batteries in checked bags.

NOTE: The use of Styrofoam coolers or plastic trash bags is not allowed to transport items as checked or carry-on baggage.

The weight limit on checked baggage is 50 pounds maximum. Items that exceed the weight limitation must be shipped as freight. To ship items from Anchorage, please contact your company representative. Overweight items must be broken down to meet the weight requirement before airport check in. The ticket counter does not supply boxes for this purpose.

Toolboxes between 51 and 70 lbs. will be permitted; however, they must be tagged to Deadhorse for airport pickup on Deadhorse Boeing flights only (no Casa or Otter transport to Kuparuk or Alpine).

Hazardous Materials not allowed on aircraft in either checked-in or hand-carried baggage:

  • Paint; paint thinner
  • Cleaning solvents
  • Sterno fluid
  • Matches
  • Pepper Spray
  • Fire extinguishers
No flammable liquids/solids or corrosives may be transported on the Shared Services aircraft. Contact Aviation Logistics Operations if you have questions about a particular substance you need to transport.

Passengers will be allowed one personal item (i.e., purse, small briefcase or laptop computer, camera bag, etc.), plus one carry-on bag which cannot exceed the measurement of 15" H x 9"W x 21-1/2" L. Carry-on bags that exceed these dimensions must be checked. Items on the TSA Prohibited Item List are not allowed to be carried in checked bags:

Passengers seated in the first row will be limited to one personal item only due to no front seat storage space.


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